Art On Prescription

IMG_1411.JPG Today, I met my newest cohort of Art On Prescription students.

This is my 8th year of teaching Art On Prescription. I could talk endlessly about the incredible course and I only wish I could tell you about all of the wonderful students I have had the pleasure of teaching.

Art On Prescription (or AOP) supports people aged 16+ who are experiencing mental health issues. We support people in making life that bit easier by introducing creativity, opportunities for friendship and a professional package of support in a confidential and safe environment. A short course, introducing a range of drawing and painting techniques, importantly, participants don’t need to be an artist to take part. Through learning some new techniques, experimenting and practicing, somewhere in the 10-12 week course, magic happens.

Invariably, students start the course at a vulnerable time in their lives and I have worked with people suffering bereavement, recovering from life-changing illness or addiction, some of my students have learning difficulties and sadly, some students are terminally ill.

I’m a lecturer at Petroc College and I am delighted to say that many of my former AOP students have progressed through the college and even have degrees ~ some have set up their own businesses! When I bump into my former AOP students and I see how their lives have changed, it is *incredible* to think back to their first days on AOP. Often they tell me that walking into that first AOP session changed their lives forever!

I look forward to getting to know my new students better as the weeks go on!

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