Full Moon Flood Prevention at Crazy Kate’s

Today, Clovellys former Harbour Master, Ticker and I put flood defences at my front door …just in case…

Crazy Kate's high tide 1

Living in such a special and unusual home, I feel a big responsibility to honour the unique history of the building and ensure that the we look after the property.  Perched right on the beach, twice a day, the tide creeps up across the pebbles and laps at our cottage, which means that at certain times of the year, we live with a very real threat of the property flooding.

If there is very bad weather and strong winds during a high tide, there is a very real possibility that waves could wash straight into our house and/or the rough sea could throw pebbles up against the house, which could smash the windows in our kitchen.

Crazy Kate's High Tide 2

Until I lived in the harbour, I hadn’t appreciated the powerful connection between the tides and moon phases. When the Sun lines up with the Moon and the Earth during a New Moon or a Full Moon, the ‘tidal movement’ increases. Known as Spring Tides (named not for the season, but because the water “springs” higher than normal).  I understood that there was an intrinsic link between the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon which cause a rise and fall in sea level, but it wasn’t until I lived so close to the sea, watching the tides change and the way the fishermen adapt, that I truly appreciated the powerful connection and it is truly incredible.

Ticker Crazy Kate's Flood Defences

Ticker, Halloween decorations and flood boards held down with heart shaped stones! (Only in Clovelly!) x

Luckily, my lovely neighbour Ticker makes sure that I am prepared when the tides are particularly high and he helps to put the flood defences in place. There are big boards which slot in front of the doors and on the rare occasions that storms hit at the same time as a high tide, we even have boards ready to cover the windows on the front of the property too.

Living as we do, in one of the most recognisable cottages in Clovelly, it’s impossible to escape the fascinating history of the place. (You can read more about living in Crazy Kate’s in one of my previous posts, here: Living with Crazy Kate on Fish Street).

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