My interview, featured in a new book!

I am thrilled to have my interview featured in the delightful book ‘Extraordinary Villages’ ~ In which, TV presenter and journalist Tony Francis visits the places and people who live in remarkable villages.


Describing life in Clovelly, I talk about the honour and responsibility of living in such a unique and famous village, and I discuss the joy of raising my children in a place so steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.


During my interview, I also discuss Rex Whistler’s beautiful ‘Clovelly’ Toile de Jouy style design. It’s over 80 years since celebrated artist, illustrator and muralist Rex Whistler (1905 – 1944) developed his sketches of Clovelly into a textile design. Read more about this timeless Toile de Jouy on our Clovelly Silk website:




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